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Bar Code Software, Inc, recommends and uses the NiceLabel Family of bar code labeling software products. These software products enable label design, printing and integration into desk top, enterprise and mobile wireless environments.

NiceLabel Pro

Price: $495.00


NiceLabel Pro is a full-featured labeling software designed for professional label design and printing, including complete data base support and integration capabilities.  A wide range of options makes it a perfect and easy-to-use, wizzard driven tool for any labeling requirement.

NiceLabel products include support for all industry standard bar codes (including 2-D).  Since users are often confronted with particular customer or industry compliance requests,  NiceLabel Pro installs many industry standard label templates to get you printing quickly.

A user-friendly database wizard is used for quick and easy performance of data base connection and printing operations.  In addition to the standard support for text files, common database types and ODBC drivers, there are also available high-performance native drives for enterprise databases (as Oracle, MS SQL Server, AS/400, Informix, etc.).

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