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Our featured terminals include batch and radio frequency terminals.  These are the ones used most frequenetly by our customers. We represent the following manufacturers: Intermec, Symbol, Falcon and Dolphin. You can choose from hand held terminals, fixed terminals or vehicle mounted terminals.  They are available with integrated laser scanners, tethered scanners and light pens.




Dolphin 7300

Windows CE powers the Dolphin 7300 and provides application versatility and expandability.  This operating system allows customers to use open systems architecture, enabling develpers to write applications using Micosoft eMbedded Visual Tools.  The environment allows for rapid application development and implementation for a faster return on investment.

The Dolphin 7300 is well suited for route accounting, package delivery, and field service applications in the transportation industry where vehicles are equippped with on-board wide area wireless radios.  Its small size, lightweight, and advanced input and communication capabilities make the Dolphin 7300 the perfect tool for in-transit applications.

Falcon 310/315

Featuring open architecture for ease of application development, the Falcon 310/315 line runs DOS 6.22 on a powerful 32 bit, 386-based platofrm.  Both units include an 3 x 21 backlit graphics display, a 41 key keypad, and RS-232 serial port, 2MB of RAM, 2MB of flash memory and a choice of standard-range or long-roange integrated laser scanners.  The Falcon 310 has a user-accessible PC Card slot for extra memory, network connectivity or a modem card.

While the Falcon 310 provides batch data collection solutions, the Falcon 315 offers a choice of 2.4 GHz spread spectrum radio solutions, providing long range mobility, high throughput, advanced power management and seamless roaming among multiple cells.  The Falcon 315 also offers extensive network connectivity protocols, allowing you to easily integrate this comprehensive RF data collection solution into your existing operation.

Intermec 2420
Intermec 2420

The rugged and economically priced Intermec 2420 handheld is a  full-featured batch computer suited to inventory control, asset management, item tracking, maintenance management and other off line data collections applications.  Featuring a large display and full keypad , and supporting a varity of scanners and memory configurations, the 2420 deliveries functionality  and ease of use in most demanding environments.

Intermec 2425
The Intermec 2425 wireless hand held computer provides a cost-effective and reliable wireless solution for archiving operational efficiencies in warehouse, manufacturing and distribution environments. Featuring a large display and full keypad, as well as the latest 2.4 GHz wireless technology, the 2425 includes integration options for terminal emulation, client/server, or browser based applications.
Intermec CK30 Data Collection Terminal

  • Highly configurable, offering terminal emulation, browser or custom client applications
  • Based on industry standard platform Microsoft® Windows® CE .NET
  • Powerful Intel® XScale™ processor
  • Color or mono display
  • Integrated imaging and laser scanner options
  • 802.11b/g radio with choices of wireless security protocols
  • Advanced ergonomic design for comfort
  • The Intermec® CK30 mobile data collection terminal continues the tradition of delivering on Intermec’s promise of rugged, reliable computing that will position your enterprise for the future with a combination of best-in-class features and functionality, such as thoughtful ergonomic design and integrated imaging options. With an unparalleled capability to perform legacy applications, the CK30 gives your enterprise investment insurance because it is the ideal bridge between the technologies you’re using today and what you will need tomorrow.

    Symbol PDT 6100

    The PDT 6100 Series has been ergonimically designed to provide maximum user comfort over extended periods of use.  Its small, lightweight, contoured form factor rests easily in the user's hand.  The adjustable hand strap provides users with a comfortable secure hold.  The PDT 6100 allows for both left or right handed operaton and a choice of conveniently spaced 34 or 46 key alphanumeric or 22 key numeric keyboard configurations for easy input even for users who need to wear gloves.

    The PDT 6100 offers a choice of brightly lit, easy-to-read display options.  The 8 line by 20 character or the 16 line by 21 character liquid crystal displays feature user-selectable backlighting and adjustable contrast setting.  Each display is scratch-resistant and sealed against moisture and dust.

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