Label printing

Bar Code Software, Inc, recommends and uses the NiceLabel Family of bar code labeling software products. These software products enable label design, printing and integration into desk top, enterprise and mobile wireless environments.

NiceLabel Suite

Price: $995.00


NiceLabel Suite offers the user advanced connectivity and application development options for any type of user.  NiceLabel Suite includes the NiceLabel Pro label designer as well as the following tools:

NiceForm:  NiceForm is an application generator for labeling operations on a Windows PC or Windows CE mobile device.  Users can design custom interfaces and multi-form applications to simplify the label printing experience for the operator. No custom programming  knowledge required.

NiceWatch:  NiceWatch is centralized print server for automating label printing operations.  NiceWatch can accept a print request from any mobil wireless, desktop, ERP or WMS application to automate label printing without user intervention.  Print requests can be made through a file drop, a TCP/IP socket, and email or a COM port.

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